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Finals? - Welcome to the land of Feh.

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December 2nd, 2009

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12:45 pm - Finals?
Yikes, I am so behind in class. Except not really, but DAMN I feel out of sync. Keep meaning to study and just end up futzin' around on the internet. I mean, I've got this, right? I kick some serious math-butt. Physics is another story, but I'm still way ahead of the curve in my class -- and for the past 5 quizzes I've gotten 9/10. So I should perhaps stop panicking, and actually make some headway on my studying.

On a sort-of-related note; I can't continue taking Music Theory after this term. Which is lame, because they're going to be doing some really intense scale studies. Something I've always wanted to pound into my head until I can recall it instantly. Alas, it is no more. Math and science-y related only classes for the rest of my college career, *sniff*. Well, for this degree anyway.

Having some major issues sleeping lately, which is doing fuck-all for my concentration. It's kind of fun (who am I kidding? I love being sleep-deprived.), but terribly distracting. I'd like to manage some sort of regular sleep schedule, but it's just far too dreadful to think that I'd have a set bed time. Yeesch.

I need to get a hobby, one that doesn't require constant attention (math, accordion, drawing) to be good at. Or maybe I could figure out some sort of schedule of maintenance for all of 'em. Good in theory, but I am far too scatter-brained to pull that off right now. If only there was some sort of computer program that would do it for me. ...wait, IS there some sort of computer program to do that for me?

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